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Welcome to Your Remote Job – your guide to the world of remote work, great opportunities and professional development.

Our team helps fluent English speakers to find remote job for full time employment. We connect specialists with businesses remotely and ensure pleasant and productive environment for their collaboration.

We hire people on two fronts: Personal Assistants and Customer Support Specialists. Depending on your relevant experience and English level we could offer some options: from performing simple Secretary tasks for a small local business to being Executive Assistant to a CEO of a big international company, where some additional skills in marketing or accounting and etc. are required.

Our main aim is to prove that working remotely could be safe, challenging and rewarding. Moreover, we focus on finding the right job for every candidate – after conducting interviews and discovering your strong skills we try to match you with the company, where you could perform the most effectively and develop professional skill in some other fields.

If you have some experience in administrative jobs, like office manager, travel agent or receptionist and your English level is B2+, please send us your CV via contact form or to our e-mail. And hopefully, you could start your dream job from the comfort of your own home shortly.